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Bus closed loop driver
Bus closed loop driver

Bipolar constant current chopper sine wave subdivision drive control based on fast adaptive predictive control

Power-on 2 second fast adaptive start control

Wide input DC power supply, two voltage ranges are available

DC12 ~ 80V

DC12 ~ 50V

  Multiple phase current peak settings

1.00~3.25A , grade 0.25A

2.00~6.50A , step 0.50A

5.00~12.0A , grade 1.0A

USB control interface

Support hot swap

Quick parameter setting

sport control

Many subdivision settings

With the matching mobile phone software, you can set dozens of subdivisions

Terminal block with fastening screws

  Multiple stepper motor control signals

Pulse + direction, double pulse, QEP optional

Rising edge, falling edge, double edge optional

Common Yang connection method, common yin connection method, differential connection method compatible

Multiple control signals are optically isolated

Wide control voltage: +3.3~5V, +5V~24V

Fixed value control voltage: +3.3V, +5V, +12V, +24V

Automatic standby function, flexible setting of standby waiting time and current drop

Optional support for Modbus-RTU/RS485 with drive, communication and motion control functions

Support 8 communication rates and 111 node applications

ready signal, alarm signal and brake signal output

Offline hold function

Support power-down position memory

Undervoltage, overvoltage, short circuit, overload, open circuit, low temperature, high temperature, internal fault diagnosis, status indication and automatic protection

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