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Wire cutting high frequency power supply small classroom
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The high-frequency power source used in wire cutting processing is different from the general power supply power source. It is mainly a metal processing energy source with a pulse width. Because only a narrow pulse width is formed, the spark discharge machining is suitable. Wide, the spark can cause arcing, which can damage the machined surface.

Wire cutting high frequency power supply introduction:

Wire cutting is a processing method in which a workpiece is melted at a high temperature by using a discharge current between a molybdenum wire and a conductive workpiece, and is processed in a line cutting liquid. In the spark discharge process, the factor of the wire cutting fluid is excluded, the pulse voltage is a necessary condition for generating the spark current discharge, and the wire cutting high frequency power source is a high-power high-frequency pulse signal source for generating the pulse voltage, which is important for the wire cutting machine. As a component, learn to adjust each parameter correctly during use.

Wire cutting high frequency power supply regulation principle:

1. The workpiece height is about 50mm, and the molybdenum wire diameter is 0.16mm. When cutting, generally set the "voltage adjustment" knob to 2nd gear, the "pulse amplitude" switch is connected to 1+2+2 level, and the "pulse width selection" knob 3rd gear, the middle position of the “interval fine adjustment” knob, the cutting current is stable at around 2.0A

2. Feed speed (selected by controller) is selected: After determining the voltage, amplitude, pulse width and interval, first use the artificial short circuit method to measure the short circuit current, then start cutting, adjust the controller's frequency conversion gear and It is better to track the knob and the like so that the machining current reaches 70 to 75% of the short-circuit current.

3. During the cutting process, the switching of each state should be carried out as much as possible when the wire cylinder is reversing or turning off the high frequency, and it is not necessary to adjust the state greatly in a single time to avoid breaking the wire.

4. When the new molybdenum wire is first cut, the machining current selects one-third to two-thirds of the normal cutting current. After cutting for ten minutes, it is adjusted to the normal value to prolong the molybdenum wire usage time.

The main components of wire cutting high frequency power supply:

Main vibration circuit, pulse width adjustment circuit, interval adjustment circuit, power amplification circuit, rectification power supply .

Wire cutting high frequency use:

The reason why the high frequency power supply is cut to high frequency is to use high frequency, mainly to improve efficiency and generate more pulses in the same time.

The basic principle of wire cutting high frequency power supply:

To sum up, in one sentence, the wire-cut high-frequency power supply generates high-frequency discharge pulses according to different requirements to cut the workpiece.

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