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AgeMotion is a special CNC software designed for CNC components such as ANC5XXX, ANP4XXX, AHD8XXX, etc. It supports multi-language, multiple customer authorization, multi-machine networking control, automatic software and hardware upgrade, hardware and software configuration, data protection, data recording, CAD/CAM. , a variety of data files, data intelligent solution, path optimization, multi-batch tasks and other functions, support engraving, printing, scanning, cutting, welding, scribing, drilling, grinding, polishing, bending, stamping, feeding , assembly and other processes, support single-axis and multi-axis machine tools and robots, multi-machine linkage control.

CNC task management

Task assignment, management and monitoring of multi-machine tools and various CNC processes.

Task data processing

Automatic data processing of task files such as graphics and images, telling others to program, reducing manual intervention.

Real-time motion control

Real-time data transmission through the network and CNC system, real-time motion control of CNC machine tools.

CNC hardware configuration

The clustering of AgeMotion CNC and driver hardware is configured through the network and fieldbus interfaces.

Automatic upgrade

Software and firmware upgrades for Juxun AgeMotion CNC and driver are realized through software upgrade.


Realize the function of reading, saving, editing and optimizing the task file.

Support hardware








Authorization number Attributes Agemotion version description
1 FREE Trial authorized user
16 FREE General laser user
twenty one FREE Laser cutter user
twenty two FREE Pneumatic tangent user X
25 FREE Laser backplane user
26 FREE Laser die cutter user servo version
27 FREE Laser cutter user
56 FREE Driver configuration user
57 Toll Drive control user
59 Toll Laser roller user
60 Toll Laser scanning user
87 FREE Panel configuration user
88 Toll Panel control user
221 FREE Laser cutter user high power version
222 FREE Servo tangent user
other To be determined Invalid authorized user or undisclosed version


Free version controls up to 2 identical models at the same time, different models are not controlled

● The paid version does not control the model and quantity

AgeMotion laser numerical control system data manual Chinese version AgeMotion Laser CNC System Data Sheet English Juxun AgeMotion CNC and Drive Selection Manual AgeMotion6 laser CNC software full version AgeMotion6 laser numerical control software simplified version
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